What To Do After You Call The Towing Service On A Snowy Day

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When you're driving in the winter and your car starts acting strangely, you might realize that something's wrong and decide to call a towing service. After you pull off the road and arrange a tow, you might not know what else to do, especially if it is snowing. Use these ideas to keep you safe.

Stop Talking on Your Phone

The first thing you probably did after calling the tow truck was to call a relative or a friend and tell them what happened. It is a good idea to let someone know where you are, but it is just as important that you don't tie up your own phone line with unimportant chitchat. The snow might slow down the tow truck and you need to preserve your phone's battery so that if you have to take a call from the driver or make additional calls to the towing company, you can.

Stay Put

Without the telephone, as you sit in the car watching the snow fall you might come up with what you think is a bright idea: open the car door and stroll around. This idea might be especially attractive if you can see a store or homes in the distance, because you might imagine that you'll get a hot drink or wait with them while you are waiting.

This can be a bad idea. For one thing, the truck driver might not be able to locate you, which can cause a delay for both of you. They might not be able to wait long because of additional tows. Not only that, but depending on how hard it is snowing, you might have a difficult time returning to your car. The best thing for you to do is to just sit and wait.

Check the Tailpipe

While you wait, you might run the engine every so often to turn on the heat and take the chill out of the air. You should be aware, though, that if the tailpipe is blocked by snow, you could be facing the risk of carbon monoxide poisoning. While this may seem unlikely, you might have backed your car up into packed snow or the wind has blown snow so that the longer you sit waiting, the higher the chance is that the pipe will be blocked. Therefore, it is vital that you check the tailpipe frequently to ensure it is not hindered by snow.

These tips should help you remain safe until the truck arrives. Ask a towing service, such as Cove Fort Chevron 24 Hour Towing, if there's additional tasks you should be doing before the truck arrives to take you and the car to safer place.