Thank Your Roadside Assistance Tire Changer With A Tip

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The concern over hearing or feeling that your vehicle has a flat tire can quickly be negated by realizing that you have roadside assistance. Once you pull over to the side of the road and activate your four-way flashers, you simply need to call the roadside assistance emergency number and then wait for someone to arrive and change your tire for you. Since you likely pay an annual fee for this service, you won't receive an invoice once the job is done — but this doesn't mean that you shouldn't keep your wallet in your pocket. It's a nice gesture to give the person who helped you a tip as a way of saying thanks. Here's how to proceed.

Check When You Call

Roadside assistance is one of those areas in which the service person likely doesn't expect a tip. Unlike tipping in a restaurant, for example, many people do not tip for roadside assistance help. However, this doesn't mean that you should avoid tipping — especially if you're pleased with the quality of the service. First, though, it's a good idea to confirm that tipping is allowed when you call to provide your issue and your location. You want to be sure that the roadside assistance service you use doesn't employ a no-tipping policy.

A Guideline

A common guideline for tipping your roadside assistance worker is to give $5 to $10, depending on the exact nature of the service that is given. Because changing a tire is a bit of an arduous job, even for an experienced technician, it's generally polite to give closer to the $10 mark. Remember, though, that tipping for this service is at your discretion and you should always give exactly what you feel comfortable with.

When To Give More

There are certain times that you may wish to tip your tire changer extra. While some people tip more when the person who helps them is highly personable, you should also consider the circumstances surrounding the job. For example, if it's pouring rain, a higher tip might be in order. If you're parked on the side of a busy street and the constant traffic makes the job more stressful, you might also wish to tip a little extra. Consider, too, the ease with which the tire changer was able to complete the job. If your tire was badly shredded and the vehicle was difficult to raise on the jack, you can recognize the effort required with a greater tip.

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