A Simple Checklist Of Items To Keep In Your Summer Car Emergency Kit

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Each time you climb behind the wheel of your car, you are putting faith in a mechanical machine to take you where you intend to go. However, you can never fully rely on a car or truck to get you to your destination, which is why you should always be prepared as a driver. In the summer when being stranded in your car could be even more of a concern, it is important that you have an emergency supply kit on hand to help you get by until help arrives. Here is a general checklist of items you should include in your summertime emergency vehicle kit. 

1. Water - If there is one thing that will be important to have while you are stranded in your car on a hot day, it is water. It is a good idea to keep either several bottles of water or a few gallons of water in your emergency kit. Water can be used to not only keep you hydrated while you wait on a towing service, like Stuckman Salvage, Inc., to arrive but also to help cool your body temperature when you apply it to your face and arms with a cloth. If you frequently travel with several passengers, make sure you up the amount of water you have in your emergency kit so you will have enough for everyone.

2. Emergency Blankets - In a situation where it would not be safe to leave your car as a stranded driver in the summer, staying inside is the best idea. However, a car stranded in full sun can attract a lot of heat and the car's interior will heat up super fast. To help ward off some of the heat, use an emergency blanket or two to block off the windshield, back glass, or even the windows. Reflective emergency blankets are best because they will deflect the hot sun away from your vehicle and help you stay cooler.

3. Sunblock - While it may be ideal to stay in your car, on excessively hot days this may not be an option at all. In the event your vehicle becomes too hot for you and your passengers to stay inside, you will need to get out of your car to wait for help to arrive. Standing on the side of the road in the middle of summer can easily lead you to a bad sunburn. Make sure you invest in a bottle of high SPF sunblock to keep your skin protected from the sun while you wait.