3 Benefits Of Hiring A Towing Company For Multiple Vehicle Relocation

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Are you relocating your auto dealership business to a new lot and need to move all of the vehicles? The best way to complete the task in an efficient manner is to seek help from a commercial towing company. Professional towing can be beneficial in a few different ways. Take a look at this article to learn why relocating your vehicles with assistance from a commercial towing coming is in your best interest.

1. Relocation Will Be Faster

Trying to relocate all of the vehicles on your lot without assistance can be a time-consuming task, as each one would have to be moved individually. A towing company can actually transport multiple vehicles in a single trip. The tow truck driver will likely only have to travel back and forth between the old and new lot a few times, depending on the number of vehicles being transported. You can also count on the tow truck driver to place each vehicle in its appointed place on the new lot, which will allow you to get your dealership up and running faster.

2. Your Vehicles Will Be Loaded Up Safely

The great thing about the tow trucks that are used for transporting multiple vehicles is that none of them will make contact during the transporting process. For instance, you won't have to worry about the vehicles bumping into each other as the tow truck driver is transporting them to your new lot. The method in which the vehicles are loaded onto the tow truck is also safe. The driver will basically drive one vehicle at a time into brackets that are on a ramp at the back of the tow truck. The front tires will then be secured with steel pins before the vehicle is lifted onto the truck.

3. You Can Purchase Insurance for Security

You will have the opportunity to invest in temporary insurance through the towing company for the safety of your vehicles. The insurance coverage will give you the right to file a claim if there is an accident during the process of your vehicles being loaded and transported. However, professional towing companies are usually very careful about how they deal with automobiles. The insurance coverage will still come in handy in case another driver hits the tow track as your vehicles are being transported. Get in touch with a commercial towing company like All Star Towing to set a date for your vehicles to be professionally transported to the new lot.