Things You Must Know When Towing A Trailer

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Trucks are very durable and powerful, allowing you the opportunity to tow trailers filled with any kind of equipment or inventory that you need to take on the road with you across long distances. If you need to hook up a trailer to your truck to tow it, you need to remember a few tips. This guide will teach you all about preparing your truck so that you can tow the trailer, finding the right hitch and ensuring that you have the right tow capacity to handle the job.

Look into the vehicle condition so that it stays road ready to best tow the trailer

The most important first step to take is to be sure your truck is road ready and in good enough condition to haul the trailer. Look into the tire pressure, because properly inflated tires run cooler and have better gas mileage. Make sure that you inspect the truck to be sure that the cables are properly connected and that the electric brake function is working properly. You should also stay on top of your battery condition to be sure that it stays charged, since a tow can take a toll on your battery.

Use the proper hitch size for the truck

The most important piece for the tow is the trailer hitch. Never estimate sizes -- instead, use the exact measurement intended for your truck and the trailer. For instance using a 1 7/8-inch ball hitch for a trailer that takes a 2-inch hitch can be troublesome. This size difference is not that great, but the difference is enough for the trailer to come detached during towing, which is incredibly dangerous. Connect the hitch properly and make sure that they are communicating with the brakes, hazard lights and turn signals so that you are always making your moves known on the road when towing the vehicle.

Adhere to the towing capacity

You need to be very sure about the towing capacity before you hit the road. The following measurements are important when understanding your truck's tow capacity:

  1. The base curb weight - This refers to the entire weight of your vehicle, to include all fluid and equipment.
  2. The cargo weight - This refers to the weight of any passengers or equipment.
  3. The allowable payload - This refers to the greatest quantity of weight that your truck can tow.

These tips, along with those you can receive from a towing company like B&B Towing and Recovery, will help you any time that you need to figure out how to properly tow a trailer with your truck.