What Every Fleet Owner Needs To Know About Truck Towing

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Running a company with a fleet of trucks can mean keeping up with many details like insurance and vehicle maintenance. Keeping up with engine maintenance can help to prevent costly break downs, but they can still happen. Making sure you and your drivers are prepared to save time and money during a break down is important to your profits. Follow these tips to help you save when one of your fleet trucks is broke down and sitting on the road side.

Look Closely At Your Insurance Policy

When you have a truck broke down, you need to get it back on the road as soon as possible to avoid expensive down time. If you have to spend time figuring out what your insurance company covers for towing, you are wasting time that could be spent taking care of the broken-down vehicle. Take a close look at your fleet insurance policy and make a note of what it covers for towing. You need to have a number for a towing company on stand-by so all you have to is pick up the phone and call them when you get a report of a truck problem. Keeping your insurance information close by the towing contact information is the best way to have the information you need when you call.

Instruct Your Fleet Drivers

Make a copies of the insurance information on the same page as the contact number for the towing company you want to use in the event of a problem. Make sure your drivers know the steps they need to take if they have trouble that strands them on the road. Instruct your drivers to check out their trucks before heading out on deliveries, including that they make sure towing and insurance information is always in the truck. Every driver needs to know how to perform a preventative maintenance check. In this way, if you are unable to be reached when a truck breaks down, your drivers will know the steps they need to take to secure towing services.

Defensive Driving Can Help Prevent The Need For Towing Services

When you hire drivers, making sure each one has no serious traffic violations on his or her record is important. Making sure each of your drivers has taken defensive driving courses is also important. When you can trust your drivers to be safe out on the road, you can rest assured you will be dealing with fewer truck accidents that require wrecked vehicles to be towed. When one of your drivers is in involved in an accident, you not only have expensive towing services to pay for, but you will also have down time from the truck being out of the fleet. Also, your insurance premiums will go up from the accident and you will have truck repairs to pay for as well.

By taking steps to be prepared for incidents that will require truck towing, you can save a lot of time and money. When you and your drivers are on the same page and work together to prevent issues that would cause the need for towing, you can save even more time and money. For more information, contact a company like Michael's Towing & Recovery.