Towing Services Tips For Your Move

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When you are getting ready to move, one of the most difficult things to consider is how you will get your vehicle from one place to another without having to drive it. Putting this kind of mileage on your vehicle can wear it down to the point that you're taking years off of it if you are dealing with a long-distance move. This is when you need to lean on professional towing services, so that your car is safely transported without even having to turn the ignition. Consider these tips for towing your vehicle.

Know the methods for towing your vehicle

You usually have three different towing options when you want to move your vehicle:

  1. Using an auto transport trailer – this is a trailer that supports your entire vehicle as it is pulled on wheels on top of a platform. You will use this to tow behind a larger, heavier vehicle.
  2. Using a tow dolly – this is a method that allows your vehicle to be pulled by the front two wheels, while the back two wheels roll on the street, and is towed by a larger vehicle.
  3. Shipping your vehicle – you can reach out to a towing services company that can attach your vehicle to the back of a terminal, so that it can be transported for you as opposed to you having to tow it yourself.

Be mindful of trailer braking

When you are towing your vehicle behind you, you will need to hook up a brake controller system that makes your stopping maneuvers more visible. If you do not already have one of these brake controllers, it can be purchased for approximately $150. This can save you a lot of trouble by allowing your vehicle to stay safe on the road without getting hit by another vehicle.

Know the towing weights and capacities

This is the most important variable to consider so that you are able to tow your vehicle for your move. This way, you will not put too much burden on the vehicle that you are using to tow your car. The base curb weight refers to the weight of the entire car, including a full tank of gas and all other vehicle fluids. This factor is important, ensuring you are not putting too much burden on your towing vehicle or putting your car at risk unnecessarily.

These tips will help you when you need to tow your vehicle for a move. If you need any help or equipment, reach out to a towing services company near you.