Running Low On Gas: How To Prevent Getting Stranded On The Road

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It's tempting to avoid filling up your gas tank for as long as you can, but letting the tank run close to empty means taking a big gamble. Letting it run too low means you may get stranded on the road. Here are a few things you can do to keep your car running every trip you take.

Monitor Your Gas Level

It's always best to keep your tank full, but when that's not possible, be sure to keep an eye on your gas gauge. If it dips below a quarter of a tank, it's probably time to fill up. The less gas you have in your tank, the more likely you are to experience condensation. When there is condensation in your gas tank, water can get into your fuel supply, which can lead to a range of car problems, including stalling and hydrostatic shock.

Fuel System Cleaning

Fuel system cleaning can help your car's gas mileage, which can come in handy if you do ever run low on gas. The cleaning process removes sediment from the system, including the fuel injector. This improves your vehicle's ability to move gas from the tank to keep the engine going. Your mechanic can help you determine how often your particular vehicle needs to have a fuel system cleaning.

Invest In A Gas Can

A gas can should be part of your emergency vehicle supply kit. If you run out of gas on a city street where you can safely pull over out of the way of traffic, you can walk with your gas can to the nearest filling station to get the fuel you need. Once you have used the can to fill your tank with some gas, be sure to drive to the filling station to finish topping off your tank. However, if you run out of gas on a freeway, it is safer to call an emergency towing company like Superior Towing. Many towing services will bring gas to you when needed. This will prevent you from having to walk near high-speed traffic, which can be dangerous for you.

Keep Emergency Towing Information Handy

Whether your car breaks down because of condensation in your gas tank, clogged fuel injectors or an empty gas tank, and emergency towing service can save the day. Keep your roadside assistance information handy in your vehicle, and keep the name and number of a local towing company stored in your phone in case a car emergency takes you off the road.