3 Signs That Your Brake Rotors May Need To Be Replaced

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When you press on the brakes in your car, your brake pad or brake shoes grips your brake rotors. This is what allows your car to come to a stop. If your brake rotors are wearing thin or if they have issues, your pads will have nothing to grip, which can reduce your braking time or prevent you from coming to a complete stop altogether. As such, it is important to understand what the signs are that your brake rotors need to be replaced. Here are three of the signs that this automotive repair is needed. 

You Hear Grinding When You Press on the Brakes

As you brake pad grip on the rotors to bring your car to a stop, the brake pad begins to wear. When the brake pad begins to wear thin, you will hear squealing or screeching. If you fail to replace the bad when this happen, you can wear the brakes pads down to metal. When this happens, the metal that is left of the pad will dig into your metal brake rotor. When this occurs, you will hear a grinding sound. A grinding noise when hitting the brakes is a tell-tale sign that your brake pads are completely worn. Unfortunately, by the time you hear grinding, your brake rotors likely not be replaced as well. 

Your Car Vibrates When You Are Coming to a Stop

Another sign that your brake rotors may need to be replaced is felling a vibration when you are trying to bring your car to a stop. As your brake pads rub on the rotors to grip them and come to a stop, they produce heat. In some cases, this heat can cause the rotors to begin to warp. If your rotors are warped, the brake pads are running along an uneven surface as they try to bring your car to a stop. In turn, you may feel the brake pedal and/or your entire car begin to vibrate or shake as you bring the car to a stop. 

Your Rotors Are Covered in Rust

The final sign that your brake rotors need to be replaced is that they are covered in rust. If you can peer through your hubcaps, you will see your brake rotors. They can get rusty due to the elements they are exposed to. If they are covered in a large amount of rust, or if the rust has eaten away at the surface of the rotor, your rotors will need to be replaced. 

If you notice any of these three signs, your brake rotors likely need to be replaced. Contact your preferred automotive repair shop to schedule an appointment to have your rotors inspected and replaced today.