Car Broken Down And Need A Tow? Follow These Tips To Stay Safe

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If you are driving and have your car unexpectedly break down, you will need to have a towing service come to get your car so that you can have it repaired. However, being stranded with your vehicle may not be the safest situation for you. Here are some tips for staying safe if you're stuck on the side of the road.

Put On Your Hazard Lights

The first thing you should do is put on your hazard lights when you are having car trouble. This lets other drivers know that something is wrong with your vehicle and that you may be demonstrating some strange driving behavior. Keep your hazard lights on the entire time. It can be hard to see a stalled vehicle, especially at night, and the lights will let other drivers know that there is a car in an odd place.

Get Your Car To The Shoulder

One of the most important things that you can do if your vehicle breaks down is to try and get it to the side of the road so that it is out of the way of traffic. Try to idle until you can get onto the shoulder of the road, and if necessary, push the vehicle so that it is not in the street. Some drivers do not expect to see a car stalled in the road and may accidentally hit the vehicle.

Go To A Nearby Business If Possible

If you are in a city and there are nearby businesses, consider going to one while you wait for the towing service to arrive. You can let the towing service know where you are waiting and to let you know when they are arriving to tow your vehicle. Staying inside a gas station or a restaurant is a lot safer than waiting on the side of the road alone. 

Stay In The Vehicle With The Doors Locked

If you do not have the option of going to a nearby business, you'll want to stay in your vehicle with the doors locked. Only get out of the vehicle once the towing service arrives. If you know that they are on their way, it is best to refuse the help of other people if they try to stop by your vehicle and ask you to get out.

Call The Police

It is always an option to call the police if you are in a situation where you do not feel safe. Let them know where you are and what your situation is, and they can even dispatch an officer to help you.

For more tips, consider contacting a towing service to learn more.