Vehicle Jump Start: Resuscitate Your Battery

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Have you ever experienced a dead battery situation where your vehicle won't start? If you have, you probably understand how frustrating this experience is and the significance of a portable jump starter.

A portable jump starter is a device that stores charge and is used to start a vehicle's ignition system in case the battery runs out. 

Portable jump starters are more convenient alternatives to jumper cables that need to be used alongside another external battery. They get your car going without requiring a jump from another vehicle or an external source of power. If you want to buy the best jump starter, consider the following:

Jump starter type

When it comes to portable jump starters, you will mostly have to choose between two types: lead-acid and lithium-ion. Lithium-ion jump starters are small, compact, and incredibly powerful. Some of these models are even powerful enough to jump-start an 18-wheeler.

On the other hand, lead-acid portable jump starters are bigger and bulkier. They use battery technology, which accounts for their size and heaviness. Lead-acid jump starters are a little less portable than lithium jump starters but equally produce adequate power.

Engine type and size

If you want to get the best vehicle battery jump starter for your car, make sure you factor in its engine's type and size. Typically, a bigger engine requires more battery capacity. Furthermore, gas or petrol engines usually require less battery power compared to diesel engines.

If your engine is bigger or runs on diesel, you have to pick a powerful portable jump starter that cranks more current. If you get a less powerful jump starter and your car has a bigger engine, it may not work, as it will provide inadequate power.

Safety features

Quality jump starters are safer. Some of their safety features include short-circuit and overcharge protection, reverse polarity, back-feed protection, and anti-spark technology.

Poor quality portable jump starters lack the safety features outlined above. Ensure your jump starter contains most if not all of these features for guaranteed safety. If you find one with a smart jumper cable module, take it.

Jumper cables

To get the best out of your portable jump starter, you need quality jumper cables. Apart from checking for safety features, you should also ensure they are the right length, made from high-quality material, and their clamps are state-of-the-art with a firm grip.

Extra accessories and features

The best portable jump starters come with numerous extras features and accessories. Look for one with a flashlight, USB port for charging your devices, an LCD screen, a compass, and much more.

To summarize

A portable vehicle jump starter is a critical asset that you need to have in your car at all times in case your battery gets drained. However, before you run out and get one, consider the key factors outlined above. They will help you get the best product available.

If you need a vehicle jump start, consider a portable jump start device.