Four Vehicle Categories For Which You Need To Arrange Heavy-Duty Towing

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Towing a vehicle is always a big job. However, it's an especially big job that requires specialized equipment when large vehicles need to be towed. If you need to have a large vehicle towed, you need to hire a heavy-duty towing service.

Heavy-duty towing services are equipped to tow especially large vehicles. If your vehicle is large enough, a standard towing service won't be able to handle it.

The following are four vehicle categories for which you'll have to invest in heavy-duty towing

Motorhomes or recreational vehicles (RVs)

Motorhomes can break down out on the roads and require towing. Because of their large size and unusual shape, motorhomes often can't be towed by standard towing equipment.

Motorhomes also tend to need specialized equipment for towing due to their relatively delicate nature. The interior of a motorhome is more easily damaged during towing than the interior of a regular car or truck. 

When heavy-duty towing companies tow motorhomes or RVs, they typically will use equipment such as frame axles to avoid causing any damage by allowing the vehicle to move around too much. Towing companies also typically need to be equipped with advanced wheel lift technology to tow motorhomes. 

Semi-tractor trailers

Trucking operations need to work with heavy-duty towing services when any of their fleet vehicles experience a breakdown or malfunction. Any type of semi-tractor trailer or single axle trailer needs to be towed by a heavy-duty towing service.

It's important that towing services are equipped with the right hook-up equipment to work with semi-tractor trailers. Semi-tractor trailer vehicles are heavy and will create hazards on the roads if they are not towed by heavy-duty towing services with the proper equipment. 


Buses are long, heavy vehicles that standard towing equipment cannot accommodate. Heavy-duty towing services are able to transport buses thanks to extended wheel lift technology.

Also, heavy-duty towing services are equipped with specialized equipment that prevents ground grinding and skirting, which are two potential causes of damage that need to be prevented when buses are towed. 

Garbage trucks or dump trucks

Garbage trucks and dump trucks are usually large enough to require heavy-duty towing equipment. One thing that makes garbage truck towing a more simple matter is that garbage trucks usually only travel locally. This makes it less likely for them to require towing from a remote location. 

When garbage trucks or dump trucks need to be towed, it's important that a towing service is equipped with wheel lift technology as well as underreach technology to safely tow this type of vehicle without causing any damage.