Warning Indicators That Your Automotive's Oxygen Sensor Is Failing

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It's crucial to have an oxygen(O2) probe, also called a lambda sensor, that operates efficiently to prevent your vehicle from breaking down. This probe is designed to sense the air that's leaving your car. With this data, your vehicle's Power Train Control Module determines the automobile engine's air-to-fuel ratio. This is to say, when the automotive lambda probe doesn't work correctly, it negatively impacts your engine's performance and emissions. Read below to find out four indicators that warn of a problematic O2 probe that needs to be checked by a professional.

You're Filling Up On Gas Constantly

One of the consequences of a failing lambda sensor is that it leads to a distortion of the engine tuning, which causes the wrong discharge of fuel and compromises the air-fuel ratio. If this happens, your vehicle may use less or more gas than usual. So, if you notice that you're visiting the gas station too frequently, call an auto repair shop for an O2 probe checkup. Excessive fuel burning in your automotive engine also leads to the production of sulfur, causing black smoke to come out of the exhaust and emit a rotten egg smell.

An Increase In Emissions

If your vehicle doesn't pass the emission test after inspection, the problem likely arises from a failing lambda probe. Note that the probes are fitted on the automotive exhaust system manifold designed to control emissions. Therefore, if the probes are faulty, they don't detect emissions above safe levels. For this reason, failing an emission test signifies that you should contact an auto repair technician for lambda probe inspection and resolution. 

Check Light Of Automotive Engine

The check light of your automotive's engine comes on when there's a malfunctioning component in your engine, which is the case when you have a faulty lambda probe. Keep in mind that these sensors play a crucial role in how fuel is burned in your automotive engine. Accordingly, in case the air levels drop, the sensor communicates with the automotive engine control unit or module to rectify it. If the probes are problematic, however, this process is compromised.

Reduced Performance Of Your Automotive Engine

Your car is likely to stall when you have a problematic O2 probe. Failing probes cause more fuel to enter the engine cylinder, making it difficult for the spark plug to burn. Unfortunately, when this happens, you can expect the engine to misfire. This can also occur if a lean mixture of air and fuel is finally sent to the automotive engine cylinder.

A faulty automotive engine O2 sensor can lead to many problems with your vehicle. So if you notice the warning indicators mentioned above while on road, have your car towed to an experienced auto repair expert for fixing.

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