3 Ways To Take Advantage Of Mobile Semi Truck Repair Services

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Most of the consumer goods that are purchased in retail locations are transported using a semi-truck and trailer at some point. In order to remain profitable, your trucking company needs to have reliable semi trucks on the road at all times.

Unfortunately, breakdowns can occur at inconvenient times.

Mobile semi truck repair companies — such as 24 Hour Auto Diesel & Towing — can offer services that can help you minimize downtime and improve the safety of your semi trucks in the future.

1. Make Routine Maintenance Easy

A mobile repair service has the ability to come to your business location at any time. This on-site service makes it easy to complete routine maintenance on each of the semi trucks in your fleet.

A mobile repair specialist is able to change the oil, replace clogged filters, and inspect all systems within a semi-truck while that truck remains parked on your lot. You don't have to worry about taking the time to drop the truck off at a mechanic, and you ensure that you are available to help oversee any major repairs that take place.

Using a mobile semi truck repair service to complete routine maintenance tasks will help extend the life of your trucks over time.

2. Prevent Lost Loads

Many of the loads that semi trucks pull today are perishable. These loads are usually housed in refrigerated trailers that rely on a functional cooling system to maintain safe interior temperatures.

In the event that a semi with a refrigerated trailer breaks down, time is of the essence when making repairs.

A mobile semi truck repair service can be dispatched directly to the site of the disabled semi. The mobile mechanic will have access to all of the tools needed to make repairs, so the amount of time it takes to get the semi back on the road is significantly reduced.

Being able to secure faster repairs with a mobile service can help you prevent lost loads in the future.

3. Prevent Potential Accidents

When a semi-truck breaks down in a populated area, the disabled truck can pose a safety hazard to all drivers on the road.

Leaving the semi-truck on the side of the road can block driver visibility, which may lead to an accident. It's also possible for a distracted driver to run into a disabled semi, resulting in the need for serious repairs.

A mobile semi truck repair service gets any disabled semi back on the road quickly so that your company can avoid being liable for causing a traffic accident.